Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

May I Introduce Myself? My Name is Heather Reedshimmer :-)

Eben hab ich was lustiges gefunden: Einen Fairy Name Generator. Für mich kam folgendes heraus:
A moment ago I found something funny: A Fairy Name Generator. This is my result:

My fairy name is

Heather Reedshimmer

She  plays reed pipes and sings spellbinding songs.  She  lives close to ancient monuments and stone circles.  She  can only be seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.  She wears pale blue like the sky  and has deep green butterfly wings. 

Ein schönes Spielzeug, oder? Verblüffenderweise mag ich die Farbe Heather/Erika sehr und bin von Steinkreisen fasziniert :-). Wenn Ihr es auch mal testen möchtet, hier geht's lang:
Nice toy, isn't it? Amazingly I like the color heather very much and I'm fascinated by stone circles :-). If you also like to test it, here you go:

Muscetta from la muscetta della torre.davorio,
Marjo from Marjo's Cosy Corner and
forgetmenots blue / Primroses and Petticoats!


Babajeza hat gesagt…

My I introduce myself too: Petal Reedbranch
She plays reed pipes and sings spellbinding songs. She lives in gardens and parks where almond trees and roses grow. She can only be seen when the first leaves fall from the trees. She wears soft pale pink and yellow petals and has deep green butterfly wings. :-)

Hilde hat gesagt…

Very sweet, Nata :)
By the way I love stone circles too!

Now I'll go and check out my fairy name.

Astri hat gesagt…

This is what I got "My fairy name is North Windwand She brings gentle breezes to change the weather. She lives where the Celts and the Norse people live. She can only be seen when the seeker holds a four-leafed clover. She wears pure white and has silvery lilac butterfly wings."

How very interesting as I love pure white and silvery lilac is second only to ice blue :-)

Thanks for the fun!